A precision guarantee for your tools

Specialising in electric discharge machining (EDM) and benefiting from over 30 years of expertise in machining, GM-Erosion produces tools of the highest quality. From standard parts to the most complex tools, our high-tech machine fleet can provide individual parts or small production runs, with optimal precision guaranteed.

Certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Medical standards, GM-Erosion is committed to continuously improving the products and services it offers its customers.


With its high-tech machinery and know-how, GM-Erosion provides solutions to the most complex tooling needs in various industries.


Machining of prostheses, ancillary fitting instruments

Machined metals: titanium, chromium cobalt, shape memory alloys


Cutting tools, grinding tools

Machining, jig assembly


Production of parts or assemblies that can be supplied, assembled and

Special machines:

Manufacture of jigs and control tools.


Manufacture of tools


EDM operations on aircraft parts



Iso 9001/2008 and Iso MEDICAL 13485/2003

Compliance, respect of deadlines and competitiveness have allowed the company to extend its reputation internationally.

Our strengths

30 years of experience

ISO 9001 : 2005 Polycert

Flexibility and responsiveness